Jonathan Cardew is a short story writer and editor based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His short [and very short] fiction appears in Atticus Review, Segue, Sonder Magazine, Microfiction Monday, Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine, Postcard Shorts, among other places. He teaches writing at Milwaukee Area Technical College, where he also edits The Phoenix Literary and Arts Magazine. He is from a city in the north of England, known for its knives.

4 thoughts on “Biography

  1. I have never been this excited to read a short story in years. Your work is amazing and better yet ive retained everything i read. I can’t wait to read more of your Stories. The fact that when i read Irriversable and was able to see my self there during the reading was a gret experience. thank you for this. My love of reading short stories will soon rear its head once again!

    1. Thanks, Christine – I appreciate the feedback. I’ve not logged onto this site for ages, so it was a great surprise to see a comment! If you haven’t checked it out already, go to Segue magazine online to see my story ‘Falling Up’.



      1. I tried to go to Segue Magazine Online and could not find the story! maybe i took a wrong turn somewhere. ill keep looking though. i am excited to read more of your work.

  2. Jonathan!

    We met in Iksan, ages ago. I think it was at the YMCA swimming pool, and we got to talking, and when you mentioned your surname, I immediately mentioned your uncle (?) Cornelius, the composer.

    Nice to know you’re still out there, and writing, no less. I’ve been writing too, though apparently I took a LOT longer to get out of Korea than you did. (I just left earlier this year.)

    I thought I’d left a comment here at some point a month or so ago, but it seems like I didn’t. Are you still working on your collection? How are you? Well, I hope!


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